The Strip District

The Pittsburgh Strip District Mural

Early in the morning, a line starts forming at DeLuca’s with people anxious to experience “the best breakfast in the ‘burgh”. Just around the corner, another line is starting at Pamela’s with more waiting to enjoy their famous hotcakes. (They were served at a Memorial Day White House event in 2009!) Just up the street, a group of regulars can be found sitting at an outdoor café table just outside La Prima Espresso enjoying an espresso and carrying on a variety of animated discussions.

Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District is a Saturday morning tradition for many Pittsburghers and a favorite attraction for tourists to the city. The main shopping district is a 3 – 4 block area on Penn Avenue. It is filled with shops and restaurants, many that have been in business for 50 to 100 years. You will find everything from specialty coffee, bakeries, fruit and vegetable markets to a variety of ethnic food shops, kitchen wares, and fish markets.

Not just a Saturday morning attraction, The Strip has an active nightlife. Bars, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries with live music, good food, and creative drinks can be found on every street. There is truly something for everyone!

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for more than 30 years now and “The Strip” has become a routine Saturday morning shopping excursion for me. My husband and I have taken countless visitors there on weekends and I will occasionally dash over during my lunch hour to pick up an unusual ingredient for a special meal. It is a cook’s paradise and one of the most unique shopping experiences you can imagine, rivaling many other historic markets in cities around the world.

On this page, you will find articles about many of my favorite shops, recipes from the foods I often purchase there, restaurant reviews and fun activities to do while you are shopping or hanging out.

“The Strip” continues to change and develop with new shops and restaurants, so check back often to explore what is new!

More coming soon!