Resources for RDs

Here are some of my favorite resources for RDs. Please know I only share courses and services that I have personally used and tested. If I don’t believe in it, or don’t believe it will benefit at least one of my readers you won’t find it here.

Also, please note, if you click on a link and purchase or sign up for one of these I may earn a commission from the sale. I will indicate that in the description of each resource.

Freelance Writing for the RD Course

Have you ever wanted to break into Freelance writing but weren’t sure where to start? Ana Riesdorf’s course “Freelance writing for the RD” is a step by step guide for how to break into this space.

As a “seasoned” RD, I’ve done a lot of writing in my career, but it has all either been for my employers or as a volunteer. While I had ideas on where to start and what to do from other coaches and colleagues, Ana breaks it down step by step.

If you follow Ana’s guide and put in the work, the course will pay for itself! She has just revamped her course and is offering it again beginning on October 12, 2020 – October 19, 2020. The course is 8 weeks long and she offers 2 group Q&A calls and 8.5 CE credits! Sign up in the first 48 hours and she is offering her guide to pricing her writing AND a 30-minute call with her as a bonus!

Check it out here: Freelance Writing for the RD

Please note, if you use my referral link and purchase the course through my referral, I will earn a commission as an affiliate.

Living Plate

Are your clients asking for meal plans and you’d love to offer them but the amount of work required

Living Plate is a meal planning service that has a variety of customizable meal plans for your clients. Everything from 3 – 5-day Anti-Inflammatory meal plans to Diabetes meal plans and even Renal diets. The best part is for the RD, the meal planning system is free and it costs your clients $5 – $20 per month. In addition, you will earn a small commission for every month a client uses the program! This is in addition to your counseling fee.

You have complete control over the meal plan. You can add notes and suggestions throughout the meal plan and your clients can see the updates in real-time. Recipes and shopping lists are included for your clients and you can upload your own recipes if needed.

I love this program – I don’t do a lot of one-on-one counseling these days, but if someone asks for help and a meal plan, I’ve found Living Plate to be a great solution!

Sign up today and see what it’s all about: Living Plate RD sign up

Please note: I do receive a small commission as an affiliate of this program if you sign up for the service